Feasibility report

After feasibility studies have been done and completed, they need to be presented in a single document which should be handed to the stakeholders.

The report has the following parts/contents:-

  1. The introduction chapter should clearly list the goals and objectives of the project=title of the project
  2. Executive summary including terms of reference, brief description of exercise, key finding and recommendations
  3. Project definition covering goals and objectives
  4. General b/ground and introduction within outline description of the options/alternatives, general information e.g. analysis of industry, structure of project, description etc.
  5. clear definition of success criteria or feasibility criteria
  6. findings of the fa on marketing analysis, operating requirements and costs, technical analysis, original analysis, financial analysis, economic analysis, political and social analysis, environmental impact assessment etc.
  7. Preliminary compliance-show the project meets or complies to all the criteria
  8. Plan for the management of the project including implementation
  9. Conclusion
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