Factors to Consider when Selecting a Mode of Transport

1. Accessibility – This primarily deals with the ease of getting a vehicle. If a mode is not easily accessible then it loses its usefulness because of its unavailability in a certain condition.
2. Cost/fare of ticket or cost of service – Considering large number of trips taking place for different purposes and a modern capitalist economy, cost becomes one of the single most important determining factor. It can also be linked to affordability of the user. This factor is one of the most dynamic as the willingness to pay changes on the basis or urgency and need to travel/transport.
3. Fuel efficiency/ carbon emission – With the growing environmental concerns many people and companies prefer to choose an option with smaller carbon footprint. Some people prefer electric vehicle solely because of the ―green‖ label associated with them. Fuel efficiency is closely linked with carbon emission while doing a comparative study, getting more output from same quantity
of fuel is always desirable.
4. Speed – This factor is another most important and deterministic factor depending upon the situation. Fastest mode may seem to be best option but cost associated with it makes it less lucrative, a cheap mode might result in delay and the purpose of whole trip may be defeated. In cases of emergency speed gains much more significance as compared to day to day trips.
5. Capacity/ Carrying Capacity – This is another important factor especially for logistic companies, it becomes important in case of travelling in a group. While going on a trip with your complete class you cannot expect to take multiple vehicles because of safety and security concerns, a vehicle with more carrying capacity will be preferred. In case of transporting goods the concept of scale of economies is best exploited for economic profit while dealing with bulk orders.
6. Integration with other modes – For long trips or trips which requires change of mode this factors becomes most significant for completion of the trip. In case the selected mode is not integrated with other modes than the trip will never get completed. In some cases to overcome the problem of integration a heavy cost will be incurred to complete the required trip.
7. Reliability of the vehicle/mode – The chosen mode must be reliable. All factors will turn out to be useless if the vehicle develops some fault or is prone to develop fault. If the mode is not reliable than it will result in loss of both time and money. Reliability again becomes important on the basis of situation.
8. Comfort – This factor is at times ignored while some makes it priority depending upon the affordability. This is essential in case of travelling and ignored in case of transporting goods.
Humans undertakes the trip for various purpose like work, leisure journey, picnic, shopping and thus always prefer comfort. Those who can afford to pay more are expected to get more comfort while some prioritize cost over comfort depending on their personal decision.
9. Safety – Considering the increased cases of accidents safety becomes another important factor. Anyone will wish to ensure maximum available safety of their goods. In case of logistics also safety matters a lot especially while dealing with fragile material.
10. Privacy – This factor is usually ignored and comes into mind in some cases especially when the purpose of trip is confidential like in case of business trips. All conversation taking place during the journey are required to be kept confidential. It can also be required when a person wishes to spend quality time with someone. Public transport does not provide option of privacy or if in some cases they do provide than its negligible. Private vehicles can provide high level of privacy.
11. Employment generation – This factor is not considered for individuals and companies but is essential for government while making policies as employment generation becomes their responsibility.
12. Frequency – A mode with higher frequency is desirable as the waiting time reduces thus saving time. Modes with good frequency helps especially in cases of delays.

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