Examination of Valuation and Disclosure

The auditor’s objective concerning valuation is to obtain evidence that the amount at which inventories have been valued is computed on an appropriate basis. The auditor should satisfy himself that the valuation of inventories is in accordance with the normally accepted accounting principles and is on the
same basis as in the preceding year. The generally accepted accounting principles involved in the valuation of most types of inventories are dealt with in Accounting Standard (AS) 2, of ‘Valuation of Inventories’ issued by the Council of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. The auditor should
examine the methods of applying the basis of inventory valuation. Thus, with regard to determination of cost, the auditor should examine, inter alia, the stock sheets, records of physical verification, invoices, costing records and other relevant documents and also examine and test the treatment of overhead
expenses as a part of cost of inventories. Wherever feasible, and particularly where only a single or a few major products are produced, the auditor may call for a reconciliation of the total cost of production for the year as determined by the cost records with the total expenses as per the financial books and
review this reconciliation. Where standard costs are used or where overheads are charged at standard rates or percentages, he may ensure that appropriate adjustment is made to the inventories. The auditor should examine the evidence supporting the assessment of net realisable value. In this regard,
the auditor should particularly examine whether appropriate allowance has been made for defective, damaged and obsolete and slow-moving inventories in determining the net realisable value. The auditor should satisfy himself that the inventories have been disclosed properly in the financial statements.
Where the relevant statute lays down any disclosure requirements in this behalf, the auditor should examine whether the same have been complied with.

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