Evaluating Effectiveness of Recruitment Strategies.

Considering the number of potential recruitment sources, it is important to determine which source is the best to use. There are several ways of making such an evaluation. They include;

  1. Examining the number of applicants each recruitment source yields. A source that attracts most applicants is always the best.
  2. Considering the cost of the recruitment per applicant. This is done by dividing the number of applicants with the amount spent in the recruitment campaign strategy. This method can be disadvantageous in the sense that an organization may receive a large number of applicants at a relatively low cost per applicant but none may be qualified for the job.
  3. Looking at the number of successful employees generated by each source. This is a very effective method.
  4. Looking at the number of disadvantage people who applied for the job and were hired through the source. e.g. minorities and women
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