It should follow a logical, sequential pattern; the following is the modified plan for discussion.

1. Locate and define the problem
They need to state the problem clearly so that everyone understand and it may require some terms to be explained from the very beginning, to eliminate confusion once the discussion gets under way.

2. Establish criteria for a workplace solution
After recognition, what the question involves the group must decide on the: Standards of criteria that must be met if a solution is to be accepted by the entire group.

3. Analyze the problem
It’s a step of exploring the problem, looking for its causes, current status, historical background, probable future and the reason a solution or answer is necessary.

4. Suggest and evaluate possible solutions
The fourth step is to place as many solutions or answers to the problem before the group as possible. Discussants need to be sure each solution meets the standards agreed upon in the second step.

5. Evaluate all solutions and select the best one
In this, they compare and contrast all the alternatives, solutions or answers. The advantages and disadvantages of each one should be weighed in an attempt to discover the one that would best solve the problem.

6. Suggest ways for testing or conveying out the solution.
This step may not be included if the discussion purpose is only to solve problem. However it becomes the last step if the group discusses ways and means of carrying out a solution.

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