Errors that affect the ‘balancing’ of Trial Balance and Suspense Account

These types of errors are reflected on the trial balance because the debits will not be same as the credits. The debits may be more than the credits and vice versa.
Examples include:

1. Transaction is posted on one side of the accounts i.e. only a debit entry or a credit entry. Example cash received from a debtor is debited to the cashbook and no other entry is made in the account, i.e. no credit entry on the debtor’s a/c.
2. A transaction is posted on one side of both the accounts i.e. two debits or two credits. Example a payment to a creditor of Sh.300 is credited in the cashbook and also credited in the creditor’s accounts.
3. A transaction is posted correctly but different amounts i.e. debit is not the same as the credit. Example – cash received from a debtor of Sh.450 is debited in the cashbook as Sh.450 and credited as Sh.540 in the debtor’s a/c.
4. Error on balances of accounts – i.e. understatement or overstatement of an account balance due to mathematical errors.
5. Balance on an account is shown on the wrong side of the account when opening the ledger accounts or when taken up to the trial balance. Example Bal c/d in the cash book for cash at bank of Sh.2000 is shown as a credit i.e. an overdraft, instead of a
debit in the trial balance. The balance may also be brought down as an overdraft instead of a debit balance in the trial balance.
6. A balance is omitted from the trial balance on the accounts in total. To correct the above errors, the appropriate or the adjusting entries are made through an account called a suspense account.

The difference in the accounts is posted to this account and the entries to correct the accounts are posted here. The balance to be shown on the suspense accounts depends on which side the error is shown on the trial balance. If the debits  credits, then an amount is included on the credit side of the trial balance so that the debits = credits. This is a credit balance and will be taken to the suspense
account on the credit side

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