Pertaining to community based development

  • Today there are procedures to facilitate wider participation in social services
  • There has been greater decentralization of government decision making which has boosted community based development activities
  • There are legal frameworks which allow people’s participation
  • Social workers today help to shape up local leadership skills they are more involved in running non-governmental projects
  • There is increased community ownership of development programs since they are involved through participation
  • Communication and understanding especially among rural community has been enhanced
  • Job opportunities have been created
  • There has been improved technology hence leading to improved living standards
  • There has been the promotion of innovation and the use of locally adaptable skills
  • It has been an improvement of provision of services such as health, education through hospitals. Colleges, schools etc.
  • There is provision of funds and other resources by both Governmental and Non-governmental and this has helped especially in humanitarian interventions and as well as projects implementation.
  • Training is more available to the community development and social work professionals
  •  Today communities are more dependent instead of relying on handouts provided by social workers

Pertaining to Empowerment as a basis for social services

  • Rural people’s internal capacities have been strengthened at local levels
  • There is promotion of gender public awareness
  • The rights of immigrants’ populations, refugees and IDPs have been guaranteed through education services, health care and other capacity building programs
  • There is provision of information to individuals, families and groups
  • There are today legal policy frameworks to increase people’s participation
  • There are appropriate procedures and methods which facilitate wider participation in social services
  • There is promotion of innovation and use of locally adaptable skills
  • Job opportunities have been created for community members
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