Emerging Issues in Project Management


Technology Enabling Legal Risk Management
Benefits of technology Cross-departmental technology here are some examples of technology use cases available to improve the management of legal risk
• Trend spotting
• Transparency
• Standardization & consistency
• Efficiency
• Improved reporting, Key Performance Indicators
• Management information Identification, assessment and reporting of risks and controls Enterprise risk management systems Transparency and reporting of legal activity and risk profile Matter management & e-Billing
Managing legal instructions and business self-service Workflow Managing documentary information. Document management system Maintaining knowledge, insight and precedent
• Patent auto drafting
• IP portfolio management
• Patent/copyright search & review
• Brand protection & anti-counterfeit
• Global competition law database
• Online training
• Web crawling/risk sensing
• Web crawling alert
• Policy application & chatbots
• Horizon scanning tooling
• Legal & regulatory ingestion
• Robotics for reporting
• Sanctions monitoring
• Policy applications & chatbots
• Privacy impact assessment tooling
• Records management tooling
• Contract extraction and review
• Assisted due diligence & remediation
• Contract drafting, negotiation & execution
• Contract analytics
• Block chain/smart contracting
• Obligations management
• EDiscovery
• Predictive case analytics
• Legal hold management
• Voice and sentiment analytics Knowledge management database

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