COMPOSITION (20 marks}
Write a story of between 300 and 350 words beginning with the following sentence.
When I looked at my friend, I knew something Was Wrong. –

Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow.
Regular exercise is like the weather ~ we all talk about it, but we icad not to do anything about it. Exercise classes on television and exercise programmes on video, books and magazines now make it easy to have a low-cost personal exercise programme at home. However, for success in exercise, you should follow a simple plan consisting of arranging time, making preparations and starting off at a sensible pace.

Any person who does not exercise has an excuse: heavy tasks at the workplace or school. being rushed in the morning, exhausted at night, and many responsibilities to attend to. However, one solution is simply to get up half an hour earlier in the morning. Look at it this way: if you’re already getting up too early, what’s an extra half hour? Of course. that time could be cut to fifteen minutes earlier rf you could lay out your clothes, set the breakfast table and gather your books and materials for the next day before you so to bed.

Next, prepare for your exercise session. To begin with, get yourself ready by not eating or drinking, anything before exercising, Why risk an upset stomach? Then, dress comfortably in something that allows you to move freely. Since you’ll be im your own home. there 1 ne need to invest m a high-fashion dance costume. A loose T-shirt and shorts are good. If your hair tends to flop over your eyes, pin it back or wear a headband or scarf. Prepare the exercise area, too. Tum off the phone and lock the door, Shove the table out of the way so that you won’t bruise yourself on it or other furniture. Then get out the simple materials you need to exercise with.

Finally, use common sense in getting started. If this is your first attempt at exercising, begin slowly. You do not need to do each movement the full number of times at first, but you should try each one. After five or six sessions, you should be able to do each movement the full number of times. Try te move in a smooth, rhythmic way: this will help prevent injuries and muscle. pulls, Pretend you’re a dancer and make each move graceful even if it’s just getting up off the floor. After the last exercise, give yourself five minutes to relax and coal off – you have earned il. Finally, put those sore muscles under a hot shower and get ready for a great day.

Establishing an exercise programme isn’t difficult, but it can’t be achieved by reading about it, talking about it, ar watching models exercise on television. It happens only when you get off that couch and do something about it. As my doctor likes to say. “I you don’t do it, it remains undone.”

(a) Why does the writer liken regular exercise to the weather? (2 marks}
{b} Mention two things that have made it easy to start an exercise prograrmme at home. (2 marks)
(c} The writer suggests solutions to one of the excuses people give for not exercising.
(d) Identify the excuse, (1 mark)
(e) State the solutions given by the writer.

(f) Outline the three steps in an exercising session as given in the fourth paragraph. (3 marks)

(g) What message does the writer pass to the reader by the quotation given at the end of the passage? (2 marks}

(h) Explain the meaning of the following words and expressions as used im the passage. (5 marks)
{i} pate
(i) graceful
(iii) shove

(iv) you have eamed it.

iv} models

fa) idl in each of the following blank Spaces with the correct preposition.
1) James has nouse gh a gadget.
(it) My mother agreed | My request.
Gt} The work was done haste.
(b} Change the following sentences into plural,
Gi) She had quite some luggage to carry.
{ii} An elephant has reat strength,
———— RR ie aie pg — a
(iit) My sister-in-law is visiting me tomorrow,
(20 marks)
(3 marks}
(3 marks}
(c} Choose the correct word from those given in brackets to complete euch af the fallowing

Sentences, (5 marks)
(i Juma plays | Suitar very weil. (a, the)
(ii) Rehemaand ~~… Were present. (1, me)
MSY eee os responsible for this mess (Whose, Who’s)
GQvy Shehasa . _ part ip the play. (pnnciple, principal)
(¥} Anyone who, not registered should see the head teacher. (has, have}
(d) Rewrite the follawing sentences according to the instructions given efter each, Deo nor change the meaning.
(i) We can sit under this tree, ) (Add 2 question tre},
(ii) Food has been given to the people in the famine stricken areas, (Begin: The peopie…}

Gi} “You have to work hard,” the teacher teld us,
(Rewrite in reported speech)
{iv} Our parents like brown rice better than white rice.
(Rewrite using ‘prefer’)
(vy) When the play was being staged, the people watching it became agitated.
(Rewrite replacing the underlined words with one word with the same meaning}
Complete each of the following sentences with the correct form of the word in bracKers. (4 marks}
ii} The school devetoped a special programme in. _
with the Ministry of Education.
____{ partner)
fii} The information he gave use was Very . oe {help}.
Gis Our school term was __ ____(length) after the stnke.
tiv) The water project is nor _ (economy) viable.



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