An online procurement process that reduces steps and saves money. The process is executed on a real time basis involving global suppliers. eProcurement is the counterpart of eSourcing because it starts when e-sourcing ends and ends where eSourcing begins.


  • Requisition
    Where the buyer recognizes a need and places a request for goods. It may be within or without a contract.
  • Authorisation
    Each requisition is sent to an approval agent. Approval verifies that goods needed are of an appropriate contract and that the purchase amount is acceptable. If ok a Purchase Orders is generated else the Purchase Requisition is returned with reasons.
  • Purchase order
    Created on approval purchase requisition. It contains data on goods, contract number, pricing, delivery terms and dates.
  • Receipt of goods
    Buyer issues a receipt once they are received (Goods Receipt Note).
  • Invoice
    Prepared by suppliers and sent alongside shipping or automatically sent through electronic means. It indicates foods ordered and amount charged.
  • Reconciliation
    After goods are received the invoice is reconciled with a purchase order after which payments are made. Reclamation of taxes– where suppliers are obligated to pay taxes e.g. VAT should be refunded

Feature/Core capabilities of eProcurement
1. Electronic receipt
E-procurement should automatically produce and deliver receipts on delivery of goods. Systems should integrate bar code readers for automatic recognition of goods.
2. ePurchasing orders
The system should be capable of automatically producing and delivering purchase orders since its most crucial document.
3. eInvoicing
The invoice defines and leads to payment hence a system should be able to accept and process it
4. ePayment
eProcurement system should support multiple ePayment options e.g. e-card, automated cheques printing
5. Alerts
The system portal should allow suppliers to self-register, self-activate, self-update and then automatically send invoices

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