INSTRUCTIONS: Answer Question One & ANY OTHER TWO questions.

i). Give any four rules in naming VB control in Visual studio. [4 Marks]
ii). State and explain any four elements of the visual studio Integrated Development
Environment (IDE). [8 Marks]
iii). Define the following controls used in Visual studio.
a. GroupBox
b. MenuStrip
c. CheckBox
d. ComboBox
e. ListBox [5 Marks]
iv). Differentiate between a message box and an input box. [2 Marks]
v). State and explain three types of data found in VB.NET coding system. [3 Marks]
vi). Using an example, explain the meaning of the word “DIM” statement. [2 Marks]
vii). Write a VB Program that captures two assignments (Assignment 1 and Assignment 2)
respectively. The program should compute the sum of Assignment 1 and Assignment 2.
[3 Marks]
viii). Write a VB Program that captures two values (Value 1 and Value 2) respectively. The
program should compute the product of Value 1 and Value 2 raised to the power of two.
[3 Marks]
i). Explain the logic “If Statement” as used in VB Programming. [2 Mark]
ii). Write a Pseudo code and a flow chart based on the following scenario below.
[4 Marks]
“James tends to go golfing, mow the grass or sit on the porch when the weather
becomes warm but often chooses to drink a hot cup of tea or read a book when the
weather isn’t warm enough.”
iii). Describe three rules that must be followed when writing “If Statement” programs in
Visual Basic. [3 Marks]
iv). Write a VB Program that captures the student names, marks for Assignment one and
Assignment two. If Assignment one is greater than or equal to 15 and Assignment two is
greater than or equal to 20, then the program should display the total of Assignment one
and Assignment two. Else if assignment one is less than or equal to 14 and assignment two
is less than or equal to 19 then the program should display the message “The student has
a Supplementary”. [5 Marks]
v). Explain the term “Visual Basic loop” in VB.net. [2 Marks]
vi). State the meaning of the following Visual basic loops. [4 Marks]
a. While Loops
b. Do Loops
c. For Loops
d. For Each Loops
i). State and explain any three types of database tables used in Visual Basic. [3 Marks]
ii). Give any two advantages and two disadvantages of implementing a database in an
organization. [4 Marks]
iii). State five disadvantages of using File based systems in an organization. [5 Marks]
iv). Write VB code for the following Concatenation outputs
a. JamesMaina
b. System Design Unit
c. Application
Programming [3 Marks]
v) List any two security threats associated with database systems. [2 Marks]
vi) Give the difference between the following terms when executing a VB application.
a. Start Debugging
b. Stop Debugging
c. Error List window [3 Marks]
i). The following is a VB code extracted from a Visual Basic project. Explain the meaning
of the code highlighted in Bold.
[3 Marks]
priceonedecimal = (footballinteger * 44.0)
pricetwodecimal = (basketballinteger * 49.0)
pricethreedecimal = (volleyballinteger * 39.0)
subtotaldecimal = (priceonedecimal + pricetwodecimal + pricethreedecimal)
taxdecimal = (subtotaldecimal * 0.05)
totalsalesdecimal = (subtotaldecimal + taxdecimal)
priceoneTextBox.Text = priceonedecimal.ToString
pricetwoTextBox.Text = pricetwodecimal.ToString
pricethreeTextBox.Text = pricethreedecimal.ToString
subtotalTextBox.Text = subtotaldecimal.ToString
ii). Using examples in each case, differentiate between object-oriented programming
language and event-driven programming language. [2 Marks]
iii). List any three database software. [3 Marks]
iv). A DataGridView is one of the controls used in VB applications. Describe how the control
is used in a VB application. [2 Marks]
v). Define the term “Shortcutkeys” as used in creating VB Menus. [2 Marks]
vi). Differentiate between a Row and a Column in database tables. [2 Marks]
vii). A program is required to process and award students grades for students in a class
according to the following summary table.
Write a VB program that will generate the grading system below. [6 Marks]

i). Define the term “Table Lookup”. [2 Marks]
ii). Briefly explain the meaning of the following components of visual studio. [3 Marks]
a. .NET Framework Class Library
b. Common Language Runtime (CLR).
c. MSDN (Help).
iii). State any four programming languages today. [2 Marks]
iv). List any four advantages of using menus in Visual Basic environment. [4 Marks]
v). State the advantages of using comments when programming. [4 Marks]
vi). Explain the meaning of the word “Debugging” as used in Visual basic programming.
[1 Mark]
vii). Differentiate between the following words as used in database integration. [4 Marks]
a. Primary key and Foreign key.
b. Record and Attribute.

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