INSTRUCTIONS: Answer Question One & ANY OTHER TWO questions.

a) Distinguish the following terms:
i. Intranet. [2 Marks]
ii. Extranet. [2 Marks]
iii. Internet. [2 Marks]
b) E-commerce is the application of information and communication technologies (ICT)
in support of all the activities of business. It focuses on the use of ICT to enable the
external activities and relationships of the business with individuals, groups and other
businesses. In this light explain THREE advantages of e- commerce to the following:
i. Consumer. [3 Marks]
ii. Organization. [3 Marks]
iii. Society. [3 Marks]
c) The emergence of e- marketplaces has changed several of the processes used in trading and
supply chains. These changes driven by technology have resulted in changes to how
business is performed. Explain. [5 Marks]
d) E— tailing business models can be classified in several ways for example, some classify
e- tailers by the scope of items handled. Distinguish the following categories:
i. Mail-order retailers. [1 Mark]
ii. Direct marketing from manufacturers. [1 Mark]
iii. Pure- play e-tailors. [1 Mark]
iv. Click and mortar retailers. [1 Mark]
v. Online malls. [1 Mark]
e) The Internet offers a rich environment for job seekers and for companies searching for hard
to find employees. Explain FIVE parties that use the internet job market. [5 Marks]
a) Identify FIVE characteristics of a good e-payment system. [5 Marks]
b) Briefly explain the client-server architecture. [5 Marks]
c) With the aid of examples explain the following e-business models. [6 Marks]
i. B2C
ii. C2C
iii. G2G
d) Outline FOUR threats of E-Commerce. [4 Marks]
a) Supply chain management is the process of planning, implementing and controlling the
operation of the supply chain. Explain the problems that supply chain management should
address. [4 Marks]
b) Web traffic is measured to see the popularity of websites and individual pages or sections
within a site. In your own words discuss SIX types of information that can be collated
when monitoring web traffic. [6 Marks]
c) Prior to EDI, businesses depended on postal and phone systems that restricted
communication to those few hours of the workday that overlap between time zones. EDI
forges boundary-less relationships by improving interchange of information between
trading partners, suppliers and customers. Give FOUR roles of EDI in international trade.
[4 Marks]
d) “URMARKETING MADE EASY” is a world class marketing agency which has been using
traditional marketing techniques to market goods for its clients. The agency is deliberating
on going the E- marketing way. Advice on whether they should/ should not switch giving
reasons for your answer. [6 Marks]
a) Discuss the following security threats to e-commerce. [6 Marks]
i. Confidentiality threats
ii. Integrity threats
iii. Availability threats
b) Explain the following security requirements for e- commerce. [6 Marks]
i. Authentication.
ii. Privacy
iii. Authorization
c) An ERP is business management software, usually a suite of integrated applications, that a
company can use to collect, store, manage and interpret data from many business activities.
Discuss any FOUR ERP modules. [4 Marks]
d) List down FOUR re-known ERP vendors. [4 Marks]
a) Electronic auctions also called online auction business model is one in which participants
bid for products and services over the Internet. In your own words discuss why e- auctions
are gaining popularity. [5 Marks]
b) A portal is an information gateway it attempts to address information overload by enabling
people to search and access relevant information from disparate IT systems and the Internet.
Explain FIVE types of portals. [5 Marks]
c) A broker is a company that facilitates transactions between buyers and sellers. Explain FIVE
different types of brokers. [5 Marks]
d) Personalization refers to the matching of services, products, and advertising content to
individuals and their preferences. The matching process is based on what a company knows
about the individual user. Profiles can be generated in several ways. Explain the major
strategies used to compile user profiles. [5 Marks]

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