DIT 104
Answer Question one (Compulsory) and any other two questions.

a) State any four types of application packages [4marks]
b) Define the following terms as used in computing
i) Word [1mark]
ii) Data [1mark]
iii) File [1mark]
iv) Bus [1mark]
c) State three features of second generation computers [3marks]
d) Outline any four multimedia devices used in computing [4marks]
e) Give four differences between impact and non-impact printers [4marks]
f) Name any four motherboard components [4marks]
g) State four factors to consider when purchasing computer software [4marks]
h) Briefly explain what is meant by computer booting and state the two types [3marks]
a) Perform the following number system conversions
i) F6B216 to octal [3marks]
ii) 9810 to binary [2marks]
iii) 7658 to decimal [2marks]
b) Perform the following calculation using the two’s complement notation -107 + 119 [4marks]
c) Give the symbol, truth table and output logic equation of the following logic gates
i) AND gate [3marks]
ii) XOR gate [3marks]
d) Draw the logic gate equivalent of the following Boolean expression
F (ABC) = A.B.C. + A. B. C. + A. B. C [3marks]

a) State any four functions of computer operating systems [4marks]
b) Give any two symptoms of the following failed devices
i) Memory card
ii) Keyboard
iii) Power supply unit [6marks]

c) State the four types of optical storage devices [4marks]
d) Outline four precautions that an organization can take to ensure safety of computers [4marks]
a) A burglar alarm system is computer controlled. When the householder goes out, all the doors
of the house must first be shut. Then the system is armed by selecting keys on the control unit.

When the householder returns, he must open the door and quickly enter the secret code to disarm
the system. If he does not, he will activate the door or the movement sensors, the alarm sounds
and the security company is automatically contacted.
i) Identify three input devices that form part of this burglar alarm system. [3marks]
ii) Identify three output devices that form part of this burglar alarm system. [3marks]
iii) The burglar alarm contains a small amount of flash memory. Identify two items of data that
would be stored in it. [2marks]
iv) State why flash memory is suitable for storing data in the burglar alarm system. [2marks]
b) Outline any four reasons why a programmer may prefer to code a computer program using
third generation programming languages instead of assembly languages [4marks]
c) Explain the functions of any three motherboard components [6marks]

a) Describe any four reasons why organizations may automate decision making tasks which can be
done my human beings [4marks]
b) State any two reasons for backing up data [2marks]
c) Briefly explain the three classifications of computers based on their size, processing power and
storage capabilities [6marks]
d) Differentiate between the following
i) Random access memory (RAM) and Read only memory (ROM) [4marks]
ii) Computer organization and Computer architecture [4marks]

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