When developing a sustainable purchasing policy a company should:

  1. Ensure they have top management support.
    Make sure to get commitment from upper level managers before forging ahead with your sustainable procurement policy.
  2. Take a team approach.
    When you make purchasing a team effort, it will ―help instill a sense of ownership of the plan and overcome any resistance to the changes.‖
  3. Start from a general point and specify later on.
    Start with a broad policy in the beginning and evaluate it as you go. You can always add more to it later.
  4. Be patient.
    Remember that implementing a new purchasing policy takes time. Be open to editing your policy and trying new products.

To enhance your organization‘s purchasing policy, an organisation can:

  • Buy from local vendors.
    Buying from local vendors keeps money in your community, promoting the local economy. It also reduces how far your products need to travel, which reduces pollution and saves you money.
  • Source products from women or minority-owned businesses.
    Buying products from underrepresented populations like women and minorities can help build a more equitable community.
  • Choose environmentally-friendly products.
    When choosing products, consider environmentally-friendly options. For example, if you‘re purchasing office supplies, look for recycled paper and soy-based ink.
  • Use minimal packaging.
    You typically can‘t recycle packaging material like Styrofoam and bubble wrap, so try to purchase and use as little of it as possible. Also, ask your vendors if they offer environmentally-friendly packaging materials. For example, non-polythene based
  • Transport products via ground
    If you can‘t buy locally, ask vendors to ship your products via ground instead of air. When compared to air transportation, ground transportation requires less fuel, conserving energy.

In conclusion, a sustainable purchasing policy shows an organization‘s commitment to green and sustainable business. Practices like buying local, choosing green products, and minimizing packaging materials support the environment and local economy while fulfilling your organization‘s procurement needs.

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