Definition of Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurs

Definition an entrepreneur

  • An entrepreneur is basically a person who identifies a business opportunity, harshness and obtains the resources necessary to initiate a successful basis activity.
  • The entrepreneur implements the idea
  • Undertakes to operate the business
  • An entrepreneur is therefore a central key individual in the society who makes things happens for economic development.

Entrepreneurship meaning

  • In the broader sense entrepreneurship refers to the means of stimulating innovative and creative undertakings for a better business community or world.
  • Entrepreneurship if French world meaning to undertake and focuses on a business enterprise
  • Entrepreneurship can exist in any situation – therefore it is the creation of values through establishing a business enterprise.
  • Entrepreneurship means having an idea of ones own and trying to implement the idea to create values on it.
  • Entrepreneurship is a term which encompasses what entrepreneurs do i.e
  1. Identifying a business opportunity of a particular demand
  2. Look at the opportunity as a process of creating, something that did not exist.
  3. Constantly searching/ harnessing ones environment and resources to implement the activities.
  4. Creating a totally new product and using it in as new.
  • Entrepreneurship there is the practice at starting of a new business or revitalizing existing businesses in response to identifying opportunities.
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