In large procurement contracts the contract management plan should provide for review meetings. Review meetings are held periodically as found necessary for the purpose of face to face communications of contract performance and discussing the way forward and preparing status reports.

After a review meeting a status report should be prepared to be shared by the parties which should include:

  • Executive summary.
  • Report on performance of activities and budget.
  • Other issues relevant to the contract such as environmental and general observation including the performance rating.

It is important for the contract manager to report to the procuring entity‘s administration the outcome of such contract review meetings.

It is very important for the contractor to perform the contract satisfactorily. Similarly it is important for the procuring entity to make payments to the contractor timely and according to the contract requirements. Payments should not be made unless the invoice or the fee note is accurate and also submitted in accordance with the provisions of the contract. Failure to pay the contractors in time by procuring entities in the past has led to pending bills accumulating to unacceptable amounts and thus giving public procurement a bad name. It has been said that this is one of the reasons why bidders in public procurement quote high prices to cover for the payment delays which they will always anticipate.

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