Consignment Sale

Where the number of consignments sent out in a year is large, usually a separate consignment Sales Day Book and Ledger are kept. In that case, the entries in the Day Book in respect of price of goods sent out and expenses incurred on their transport and insurance should be verified with copies of proforma invoices and other relevant documents; the sale price of goods sold and expenses incurred by the consignee should be verified from the Account Sales. The balances in the Consignment Ledger, at the end of the year in such a case, would represent the cost of unsold goods, including a proportion of non-recurring expenses incurred on their transport and insurance. These balances should agree with those shown in the respective account sales received
from the consignees. If the goods sent out for sale on consignment have been charged at the invoice price, the difference between the cost and the invoice price would be credited to the Consignment Stock Adjustment Account. The appropriate part of the amount credited in this account attributable to the stock remaining unsold at the year end, should be reversed so that credit can be taken for the net amount representing the difference for the part actually sold.

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