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This paper has three sections. SECTION I has thirty (30) Multiple Choice Questions. SECTION II has twenty (20) short response questions. SECTION III has two (2) essay/practical questions. All questions are compulsory. Marks allocated to each question are shown at the end of the question.


1. Which of the following can be used for creating consistent and standard slide layouts in presentation software?
A. Clip art
B. Template
C. Placeholder
D. Rotate (1 mark)

2. Which of the following tools cannot be used in creating a system requirement specification?
A. Flowcharts
B. Decision trees
C. Data flow diagram
D. Data mart (1 mark)

3. Which of the following solutions can be used to fix image pixelated problems using graphics software?
A. Image contrast
B. Image resolution
C. Image brightness
D. Image focus (1 mark)

4. Which of the following is NOT an image file format?
D. TIFF (1 mark)

5. Which of the following does NOT demonstrate the functions of a hyperlink in Word processing?
A. Used to create links to a new document
B. Used to link to an existing web page
C. Used to quickly switch to an open window
D. Used to connect to an email address (1 mark)

6. Which of the following fields can be used as a primary key in a student database?
A. Student name
B. Student ID
C. Course name
D. Date of birth (1 mark)

7. What is the following keyboard shortcuts can be used to close an application?
D. CTRL + Z (1 mark)

8. Which of the following is NOT a type of a constraint in database management systems?
A. Null
B. Foreign key
C. Unique
D. Tuples (1 mark)

9. The object linking and embedding technology is used to:
A. Jump to another location on the document
B. Copy pictures and graphs from other applications
C. Look up values in another table or list
D. Select other data objects in that application (1 mark)

10. Which of the following features can be used to generate well formatted output from a database?
A. Reports
B. Queries
C. Forms
D. Macros (1 mark)

11. Which of the following features are NOT found in presentation software?
A. Notes
B. Handouts
C. Slides
D. Functions (1 mark)

12. A special effect used when moving from one slide to another in a presentation is referred to as________
A. Animation
B. Transition
C. Fly in
D. Theme (1 mark)

13. Which of the following terms identifies the address of a website?
A. Host
B. Web page
C. Domain
D. Directory (1 mark)

14. A computer’s temporary storage area of web pages visited in an Internet session is known as __________
A. Cache
C. Website
D. Cookie (1 mark)

15. Which of the following factors can be considered when preparing a presentation?
A. Designs and styles
B. Web pages and layouts
C. Frames and colors
D. Figures and tables (1 mark)

16. A web feed format used to publish frequently updated content is referred to as______________________.
A. Root Server Architecture
B. Really Simple Syndication
C. Software Rollup
D. Web Feed Hotfix (1 mark)

17. Which of the following options allows the user to suspend their programs, and permits other users to utilise the system?
A. Restart
B. Switch user
C. Suspend user
D. Log off user (1 mark)

18. Which of the following features is used to make several objects behave as one, while preserving their arrangement?
A. Rotating
B. Resizing
C. Grouping
D. Flipping (1 mark)

19. Which of the following is NOT part of the main components of a multimedia program?
A. Colours
B. Images
C. Text
D. Sound (1 mark)

20. Which of the following refers to the characteristics of an entity?
A. Relationships
B. Concepts
C. Values
D. Attributes (1 mark)

21. Which of the following conditions are NOT associated with the overuse of computers?
A. Carpal tunnel syndrome
B. Repetitive stress injury
C. Eye strain
D. Backaches (1 mark)

22. Which of the following is NOT a video file format?
B. MP4
D. VID (1 mark)

23. Which of the following is a top tip for slideshow design?
A. Use several transitions, videos and sound
B. Try to use underlined text sparingly
C. Overdo the use of colors in the presentation
D. Ensure your writing is all uppercase (1 mark)

24. Which of the following requires Internet access?
A. Digitising videos into movies
B. Accessing video files from hard drive
C. Use of hyperlinks to link to a web movie
D. Video files created by screen-capture programs (1 mark)

25. Which of the following is the largest computer storage unit?
A. Petabyte
B. Terabyte
C. Exabyte
D. Gigabyte (1 mark)

26. Which of the following features can be used in a spreadsheet to suggest alternative words or phrases?
A. Thesaurus
B. Grammar checker
C. Spell checker
D. Style sheet (1 mark)

27. Which of the following is an advantage of using robots in the workplace?
A. They cannot think for themselves
B. They can work continuously
C. They require payment
D. Human skills can be lost forever (1 mark)

28. A set of cells in a column or row is referred to as a _________________________.
A. Block
B. Range
C. Label
D. Batch (1 mark)

29. Which of the following is NOT an advantage of emails?
A. Can be sent to several users at the same time
B. Can be sent and received within a short time
C. Large amounts of spam mail can be received
D. Different files may be attached to an email (1 mark)

30. In computer monitors, what does the acronym LCD stand for?
A. Liquid Crystal Display
B. Light Crystal Diode
C. Laptop Cathode Device
D. Liquid Color Device (1 mark)


In question 31 to 35, indicate whether the statement is True of False.

31. A worksheet may contain several workbooks.
A) True
B) False (1 mark)

32. Disk defragmentation is a process of automatically deleting temporary files of various kinds from local hard drives.
A) True
B) False (1 mark)

33. System software coordinates how programs work with the computer’s hardware and other software.
A) True
B) False (1 mark)

Open source software is software whose source code is available for modification or enhancement by anyone.
A) True
B) False (1 mark)

35. A word processing file is known as a spreadsheet.
A) True
B) False (1 mark)

36. Match each of the following storage devices with their features:

• Non-volatile mechanical drive. Each surface is divided into tracks. (5 marks)
• An optical disk that uses laser technology to read and write data.
• Fast, portable, and can hold a lot of data in a small space.
• Ubiquitous data access and provides for automatic backups.
• Has no moving parts and is less susceptible to damage from physical shock.

37. Classify the following printers with their associated features:

• Low quality printer that uses both individual sheets and continuous stationery
• High resolution printers capable of printing in different colours
• Non-impact printers that use toner cartridges and can handle large-volume print jobs
• High speed printers used for printing receipts and labels

38. Software used to display web pages and access other Internet resources ___________________. (2 marks)

39. Differentiate between data backup and data archiving. (2 marks)

40. Contrast between Hibernate and Shut down options in a laptop. (2 marks)

41. Differentiate between One-to-many and One-to-one relationship types in a database. (2 marks)

42. The ______________ function is used to return one value if the condition specified is True, and another value if the condition is False. (2 marks)

43. This term means that data is retained when power is switched off. (2 marks)

44. A location where Internet access is available to any WiFi enabled computer via a WLAN access point. (2 marks)

45. Users who have complete access to the system and can be used to set up user accounts are known as_____________ (2 marks)

46. An information system that integrates supplier, distributor and customer logistics requirements into one cohesive process is known as ________________. (2 marks)

47. Utility software that allows adding new hardware, such as a printer, to function with the operating system. (2 marks)

48. The process of dividing a hard disk into various units for storage_______________. (2 marks)

49. A legal agreement that controls the rights to use and distribute software applications is known as ___________ (2 marks)

50. Outline two types of charts found in Microsoft PowerPoint __________. (2 marks)


51. Discuss two features used for editing images using Word processing software. (4 marks)

Evaluate two ways of closing an office application software when the task is complete. (4 marks)

Discuss three types of publications that can be created using Desktop publishing software. (6 marks)

52. Outline the procedure of safely disconnecting an external drive from a computer. (4 marks)

Demonstrate the process of installing a new printer. (4 marks)

Discuss two ways of opening an existing spreadsheet file in a computer. (4 marks)

Describe the process of creating a PDF Resume using Word processing software. (4 marks)

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