1. Executive Summary
  2. Business description
  3. Marketing plan
  4. Management and operational plan
  5. Financial plan

1. The Executive Summary is a brief of the business venture. It summarizes the business description, marketing, organizational, operational and financial plans of proposed or for an existing business enterprise. It is usually written last during the
preparation of a business but appears first.

2. The business description covers, in detail, the background of the business owner, type of business, the location of the business, the products/services offered and the entry and growth strategies of the business. The business description is the first
item to be written in preparing a business plan.

3. The marketing Plan describes how the business intends to sell its product (s) or offer its service(s). It identifies the customers and the competition. It also outlines the pricing, selling, promotional and distribution strategies.

4. Management and operation plan Management plan explains how the business will be staffed and coordinated to accomplish its objectives. It shows the organizational structure. It identifies key management personnel, their duties and responsibilities.
It also provides proposals regarding salaries and incentives for personnel.

5. The operational plan describes how the product(s) of the business will be manufactured. It shows a breakdown of the equipment, materials and other costs which will be incurred during the production process. For a service business, the plan indicates the requirements for providing a service.

6. The financial plan determines the financial requirements of the business. It also provides proposals for sources and uses of funds. Further financial information is contained in pro-forma income statements, pro-for-ma balance sheet and projected cash-flow statement

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