Communication Skills 2019 July Knec Past Paper

SECTION A (32 marks}
Answer ALL the Questions in this section,
3. Give three reasons why informal] methods of communication are used in organizations. 3 marks)
4. Stale three differences between a business letter and a memorandum. (3 marks)
5. List three benefits of practicing official, etiquette in an organization. (3 marks)
6. List four roles played by reports in an organization. (4 marks)
7, Give three reasons for carrying out job interviews in an organization (3 marks i
8. I .i si three sources From which agenda items for a meeting con be obtained. (3 marks)
9. Give three disadvantages of using email to communicate. {3 marks)
List four factors that may influence a person when choosing a channel of communication (4 marks)
Give three reasons why an organization may choose lo use social media to communicate. (3 marks)
Give three reasons why workers communicate among ibcmsclves in an organization. (3 marks)
SECTION n (68 marks)

You work as a clerical officer al Karibu Rus Cotnpany which transports passengers between Nairobi Lind Kisumu. The passengers have made complaints about poor services offered by the company over the last month. The Transport Manager has asked you to investigate the matte].
Assume that you have completed the investigations and write the report. 116 marks)
12. (a) Libebe Company Li mi toil intends to recruit an administrative assistant. Draft an advertisement that would appear in the press for ibis post. (8 marks) You are the secretary of Kabahe Welfare Association You are required lo convene a meeting that will he held in Lhree weeks’ time. Write a notice of ihc meeting lo the members. (8 minks)
13, (a) Outline five basic rales to be observed wlten speaking on the conversation is effective.
the telephone to ensure that (10 marks)
(h) The bar graph below shows deposits ami withdrawals at Zion Bank for the month of

14 Head the passage below and then iin.wer the questions that follow
It is usual for people to travel to places other than their home areas during holidays, This is often in search of a conducive environment to explore, to allow them to cool down and to unwind from their normal routine. Different people have varied preferences of travel destinations. Some preferences are linked to adventure, the need to relax, a thirst for new knowledge, fun fairs and experiencing different cultures among others.
Kenya, over the years, has been mentioned severally among the best tourist destinations across the world In 2016 for example, Kenya was voted one of the best destinations in Afnca. in the same year, the Kenya Tourism Board hagged the award for Africa’s Leading Tourist Board 3t the World Travel Awards. Early in 2017. North American destinations experts. Goway Travel, declared Kenya as one of the “top and upcoming” must-visit locations in the world that year One of the features that make Kenya a must-visit location is its favourable Ornate which
attracts all manner of tourists. Lying just across the equator. Kenya has all-year-round sunshine accompanied by cool nights and mornings, Whether travelling early or late in the year, the country’s climate is favourable for all vacation-related activities. To accommodate all the visiting .ouristx, the country tilTcrs accommodation in all its major towns for business tounsts. It also offers accommodation in all parks for game lovers and in the coastal area for marine lovers in form of hotels, lodges and resorts. All these hospitality facilities provide a variety of international cuisines
Kenya is rich in game parks and reserves that offer a variety of wild animals to see thereby giving game lovers a memorable wildlife experience. Kenya is home to the big five; the elephant, the black rhinoceros, the buffalo, the lion and the leopard. Tourists, both local and international, arc assured of good times watching animals by taking game drives in the early mornings and late evenings. In addition. Kenya also gives prized experiences such as watching the famous wildebeest migrations down at the Mara.
For marine life adventures. Kenya provides the best spot to visit as it has the Kenya Hamer Reef. At over 140 miles long, it is the world’s second longest coral reef. Kenya’s coastline is also dotted with sand beaches for all kinds of adventures From diving to snorkelling, scuba
diving and even building sand castles. Kenya’s coast is definitely a place to visit, For those with an interest in archaeological facts. Kenya offers a variety of destinations. These include Kariandusi Prehistoric Site, Gedi Ruins, Shi mon i Slave Caves. Fort Jesus, Mombasa Old Town. Olorgesailie Prehistoric Site, and Hell’s Gate National Park among others All these sites allow a holiday maker to experience, first hand, the rich African heritage.
For mountain climbers, Kenya is home io Mount Kenya (5.199 m high) the second-highest mountain in Africa after Kilimanjaro, lying across lhe equator in a sunny environment. Mount Kenya is attractive to climbers due to its snow-capped peak and its variety of flora and fauna which change with altitude. As the climbers go up the mountain, they are able io see a variety of the endangered species such as the Sunni buck. One holiday stop in Kenya allows the tourists to meet and mingle with different people from different parts of the country with diverse cultures and heritage. For anyone looking a cultural experience, close interactions with the Maasai. Samburu. Swahili. Turkana, Pokot. El Molo, Rendile and others will be a totally worthwhile experience. Being hospitable, these tribes mingle freely with visitors allowing them to get a taste of the Kenyan heritage

One of the major problems that tourists across the world face is lack of easy access to their desired destinations. In Kenya, die experience is different. This is because Kenyan authorities introduced an e visa system in 2(115. This system has since eased entry for willing tourists as it rs
cheap to acquire. It costs $51) per person and eliminates the need for bulky entry documental ion.
{a j Stale the meaning of the following words mid phrases as used in rhe passage;
(i) Linked to;
(ii) severally;
(iii) manner:
(iv) a variety of;
(v) due to;
(vi) allows.

(b i In about 120 words mid according the passage, wnic a summary outlining the reasons that make Kenya a lop holiday destination. (6 marks}
(c) (i) Suggest one reason why game viewing in Kenya is :i memorable experience.
(2 marks)
(ii) Give one characteristic of Kenya’s climate. (2 marks)
(iii) Explain two ways in which the country has responded to lite arrival of different categories of tourists.

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