Communication Skills 2015 July Knec Past Paper

Outline three characteristics of grapevine communication.

List three purposes of downward communication.

Slate three reasons why Idlers of apolug} are written.

Outline three details that should be included in the notice of a meeting.

(Outline four measures that an interviewer should take to ensure a successful job interview
List three benefits lIul an organization derives I’rotn establishing a website.

Rewrite the lol lowing sentences according to the instructions given after each. (4 marks)
(i) Tire police interviewed the director in camera.
(Replace the underlined wards without changing the meaning i.
(H) Mis Kappa was a niatmuthirty years.
(/•i/1 in the blank space wait a preposition)
Kenya’s Kemhoi completed the steeplechase (success).
(Write the word in brackets in the correct form).



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