Classification of Research

In the fields of general education, health education, physical education, recreation, etc. there exists different kinds of problems, consequently, different types of research are used to solve these problems. Research in general can be classified or categorized in many ways. The following are the basic modes of classification:

  • The field of study in which the research is conducted. i.e. discipline; for example educational research, sociological research, marketing research etc.
  • The place where the research is conducted. Hence we talk in forms of field research, laboratory research, community research etc.
  • Application of the research – the way/mode in which the findings of the research will be used e.g., Action research, service research etc.
  • Purpose of the research i.e. basic research, action research, applied research and evaluation research.
  • By methods of analysis, i.e., descriptive research and empirical research
  • Character of data collected i.e. qualitative research and quantitative research.
  • Procedure/Design used – experimental research, survey research etc
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