Circumstances That May Result in Other Than an Unqualified Opinion

Limitation on Scope: A limitation on the scope of the auditor’s work may sometimes be imposed by the entity, for example, when the terms of the engagement specify that the auditor will not carry out an audit procedure that the auditor believes is necessary. However, when the limitation in the terms of a proposed engagement is such that the auditor believes the need to express a disclaimer of opinion exists; the auditor should ordinarily not accept such a limited engagement as an audit engagement, unless required by statute. Also, a statutory auditor should not accept such an audit engagement when
the limitation infringes on the auditor’s statutory duties. A scope limitation may be imposed by circumstances, for example, when the timing of the auditor’s appointment is such that the auditor is unable to observe the counting of physical inventories. It may also arise when, in the opinion of the auditor, the entity’s accounting records are inadequate or when the auditor is unable to carry out an audit procedure believed to be desirable. In these circumstances, the auditor would attempt to carry out reasonable alternative procedures to obtain sufficient appropriate audit evidence to support an unqualified opinion. When there is a limitation on the scope of the auditor’s work that requires expression of a qualified opinion or a disclaimer of opinion, the auditor’s report should describe the limitation and indicate the possible adjustments to the financial statements that might have been determined to be necessary had the limitation not existed.

Disagreement with Management: The auditor may disagree with management about matters such as the acceptability of accounting policies selected, the method of their application, or the adequacy of disclosures in the financial statements. If such disagreements are material to the financial statements,
the auditor should express a qualified or an adverse opinion.

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