Characteristics of specifications

  • Are an accurate, clear, concise and unambiguous description of the product or service including its process and use. This must be written in language that is understood by the target market.
  • Must be relevant and objectively support the application or intended use.
  • Must provide for maximum acceptable tolerances, enabling fair and equitable competition at both manufacturing and distribution levels.
  • Must allow for measurement, performance testing and acceptance or rejection upon delivery or installation.
  • Must allow for alternatives within reasonable and acceptable tolerance levels.
  • Identify physical, functional, environmental and quality characteristics such as design, size, weight, power capacity, output, or grade of component.
  • Identify applicable commercial standards. For example, if using brand name or equivalent, a specific manufacturer‘s brand name might be cited to describe the standards of quality, performance, etc. needed to meet the requirements of the solicitation. When a brand or make is identified, there must be a model for comparison to an ―approved equal‖ or better.
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