1. It is clear.
Your speech should convey to the audience the ideas, emotions, facts or arguments you want to express.

2. It is like an informal talk
When you speak there should be a perfect rapport between you and your audience.

3. It is vivid and concrete
Use concrete facts that are easy to comprehend and visualize. Instead of saying the population of India is growing very fast, a speaker said see how fast our population grows one Australia is added the population of India every year and Australia’s area is
two and half times that of India.

4. It is brief
An audience can last up to twenty minutes. Your speech should be tailored to that length. To achieve brevity, include only a few points
and elaborate at length

5. It is interesting
Quotations, anecdotes and humorous touches often make a speech interesting. Quotations should be from acceptable authorities. They should be familiar but not worn out. Anecdotes should be new brief and in good taste. Humor should be topical, original spontaneous and gentle.

6. It is audience oriented
A good speech should be tailored to the wavelength of the audience. Consider the following points:

  • Is the audience general or specializes one? This will help you determine the depth of the subject
  • How large is the audience? For a small audience the speech will be more like a chat in a large gathering you will have to be
  • What is the age group of the listeners? Your reference and illustrations should conform to the tastes of that particular group.
  • What is the social religious political and economic views and prejudice of the listeners? What is the expected audience response?
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