CHAPTER TEN Organization and methods (o &m)


Organization and methods (o &m)

O&M refers to the systematic attempt on the part of an enterprise to improve and maintain office at a high level of efficiency.

It is through O&M that office operations and procedures are continuously improved. Work simplification is possible and better communication and economy are achieved

Objectives of O&M

  • Eliminate waste of time, human energy, space, equipment, stores and stationery
  • Improvement in output and quality of work
  • Improvement in office services
  • Making the staff efficiency conscious

Functions of organization and methods

  • Defining precisely objectives of different functions and operations
  • Drawing up a plan of work indicating the general and specific purposes of the tasks involved, nature of the information to be procured and the sources of information to be tapped
  • Making a thorough examination of the existing procedures
  • Making detailed study of the sources of information
  • Examination of all relevant facts gathered in the course of investigation and study and suggesting new or modified procedures if found necessary
  • Once the suggestions of the O&M department are accepted helping the administration and staff in implementing the suggestions

Outline the principles which guide O&M

  • All unnecessary operations should be eliminated
  • all operations which can, with advantages, be combined should be so combined
  • all operations should be in their correct sequence to avoid back tracking
  • all necessary operations should be as simple as possible
  • the shorter the office work cycle the higher will be the overall productivity
  • the work flow should not only be fast but also have an even tempo

What are steps in conducting O&M assignment

O&M functions should be a continuous process, but sometimes the O&M officer may be asked by higher management or a particular department manager to conduct a survey and make recommendations for improvement

In a particular area of operation

In conducting the assignment the O &M officer and the team will have to take the following steps

  1. Determine the objective
  2. Planning the assignment
  • Preparatory meeting
  1. Collecting the facts
  2. Analyzing the facts
  3. Submitting proposals for change
  • Helping in the implementation

What are the advantages and disadvantages of O&M?


  • Improves general efficiency of the office
  • Reduces the clerical and paper work and ultimately reduces wastage
  • Out down since unnecessary steps requiring clerical labor and documents are eliminated


  • It tends to have an adverse effect on staff morale
  • Work simplification is carried out theoretically which could not be workable when put in practice
  • It requires constant training on staff, so as to enable staff to cope with the introduced systems
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