Cash Sales

Primarily, the system of internal check should be examined with the objective of finding out loopholes therein, if any, whereby cash sales could be misappropriated. Further, the practice followed in the manner cash memos are issued should be ascertained. Because in case, cash memos are issued not only for cash sales but also for credit sales, the amount whereof if collected long after, there would be
no guarantee that all the amount of cash sales has been collected before the close of year or that some of the amounts collected have not been misappropriated.
Cash sales usually are verified with carbon copies of cash memos. If sales are quite voluminous then a Cash Sales Summary Book is maintained and the cash memos are traced into it; the totals of the Summary Book are verified and the daily totals of the Summary book traced into the Cash Book. One of the matters, to which attention of the auditor should be paid in the process is that the dates on the cash
memos should tally with those on which cash collected in respect thereof has been entered in the Cash Book. To verify that price of goods sold has been calculated correctly, the computation of the sales should be ascertained. If a cash memo has been cancelled, its original copy should be inspected, for it could be that the amount thereof has been misappropriated.

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