A Call‐off Order is an order created to cover multiple supplies or deliveries from a single company. A Call‐off order may be applied in the following circumstances:
1. For a medium / long / regular term supply of the same services from the same supplier
2. For regular, multiple deliveries to a range of dispersed sites
3. An unknown future delivery schedule 4. Where precise volumes or values are not known until after delivery
4. Where delivery and packing charges or supplier discounts, regularly affect final prices
5. A different legal contract exists with the supplier and the order is raised internally for control purposes only
6. Where there is a proven need to reduce document processing (reduce quantity of invoices through consolidated billing etc)

An order of this type can only be placed after the appropriate procurement requirements have been satisfied.

Typical applications
Typically a Call‐off order could relate to the following categories of supply :

  • Construction, building or repair work
  • Servicing or maintenance contracts ( e.g. plant or equipment)
  • Call out services (e.g. envisaged emergency work)
  • Service / License agreements paid in installments (e.g. monthly / quarterly)
  • Supply of low value, high volume consumables (materials, food, scientific gases)
  • Critical supplies (order /approval system may not enable a quick re‐supply)
  • For supplies that need to be recharged to a range of cost centers
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