TUESDAY: 31 August 2021.                                                                                                                           Time Allowed: 3 hours.

Answer question ONE and any other FOUR questions. ALL questions carry equal marks.


Adolf Tech Ltd. is a recently established company in Kenya. The company has employed 20 new staff members who require employee orientation.

A human resource manager engaged by the company has recommended an orientation programme that will involve the following:

  • Basic matters like working hours and vacations.
  • Introduction to the management of the company.
  • Introduction of the new employees to the other employees.
  • Familiarisation with the work place.
  • Personnel policies and the daily routines.
  • Company organisation and operations.
  • Safety measures and regulations.

The human resource manager has also identified four main objectives of the orientation progranime which. include:,

  • To make new employees feel welcome and at ease.
  • To reduce stress and entry shocks.
  • To help new employees understand the firm in a broad sense.
  • To help new employees understand the company’s expectations in terms of work and behaviour.


As the human resource manager, using the above information and any other relevant information, write a report to the director of human resource justifying the need to hold an employee’s orientation programme.                          (Total: 20 marks)



1.         Describe five sender oriented barriers to effective communication.                                                                       (10 marks)

2.         Discuss five steps to effective communication.                                                                                                         (10 marks)

(Total: 20 marks)



1.          Barora Holding Company (BHC) directors will hold a meeting on Wednesday, 10 September 2021 at 9.00 a.m. in the company’s board room. The meeting will discuss matters regarding sports and operations of the company’s social club.


Prepare an agenda for the above meeting.                                                                                                                (10 marks)

2.          Analyse five stages of the listening process.                                                                                                              (10 marks)

(Total: 20 marks)



1.           Highlight six purposes of holding meetings.                                                                                                                   (6 marks)

2.          Suggest six ways in which e-mails have changed the way businesses operate today.                                                     (6 marks)

3.           Examine four benefits of effective internal communication in a newly formed organisation.                                          (8 marks)

(Total: 20 marks)



1.          Distinguish between “a solicited proposal” and “an unsolicited proposal”.                                                               (4 marks)

Enumerate six guidelines for writing solicited proposals.                                                                                        (6 marks)

2.         Discuss five interactions between verbal and non verbal communication.                                                                     (10 marks)

(Total: 20 marks)



1.         Many inexperienced speakers face stage fright while addressing a huge crowd.

With reference to the above statement, outline six measures that a speaker should make use of to handle stage fright. (6 marks)

2.        Explain four components which may constitute proper planning of mailing services in an organisation.                        (4 marks)

3.        Highlight five guidelines on use of humour during a business presentation.                                                                   (5 marks)

4.        List five principles of form design.                                                                                                                                  (5 marks)

(Total: 20 marks)



1.          Examine five measures that team members should take to ensure effective communication while handling a group assignment.                                                                                                                                                          (5 marks)

2.          In the context of oral communication, explain seven ways in which one could build rapport with his audience. (7 marks)

3.         Ethical persuasion is a human being’s internal ability to treat others with respect, understanding, caring and fairness.

With reference to the above statement, evaluate four requirements of ethical persuasion.                                                (8 marks)

(Total: 20 marks)

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