Instructions: Answer Question One and Any Other Two Questions. 


  1. By use of clear illustrations differentiate between the following terms;
  2. Assets and Liabilities                    (3 marks)
  3. Sales and Purchases (3 marks)
  • Debtor and Creditor (3 marks)
  1. An expert system is an information system that emulates the problem solving techniques of human experts. Explain knowledge base and inference engine as components of an expert system (5 marks)
  2. Describe five benefits of using an accounting information system in an enterprise

(10 marks)

  1. Nancy a QuickBooks user has decided to include new items in her stock base. Outline the various steps she has to go through to add new item stock to what she already has                                             (6 marks)



  1. The accounting information system is divided into components based on the operational functions supported. Describe five components of a financial information system (10 marks)

b. Explain how the following tasks can be accomplished in sage application

  1. Adding new accounts (5 marks)
  2. Setting up an employee’s tab (5 marks)



  1. Highlight the process of creating a new company profile in an accounting information system (6 marks)
  2. For any credit sales in enterprise an invoice is usually issued to the buyers, state how you would create invoices in sage application (6 marks)
  3. A database management system is a set of integrated programs designed to simplify the tasks of creating, accessing and managing a database. Discuss four functions performed by a database management system.   (8 marks)



  1. Operations and management information flows are both horizontal and vertical. Explain the importance of the following subsystems to an organization
  2. Operations subsystem                             (5 marks)
  3. Management subsystem                                                (5 marks)
  4. Discuss how you can receive and record income using pastel (6 marks)
  5. State the steps one would follow in accounting systems to generate check for paying suppliers in the business (4 marks)
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