If the building has been built or is in the course of construction, under a contract the auditor should verify the debit balance of the account by reference to the architect’s certificate, as well as the contractor’s receipts for amounts paid. If the building has been constructed by the client’s own organisation, it will be necessary for the auditor to verify that the basis upon which cost of materials, wages and the supervision charged have been allocated to the account, is reasonable. The expenses charged should include all the expenditure necessary to bring the building into existence and to make it habitable. As a safeguard against any mistake arising in the expenses chargeable to the asset, the auditor should obtain a certificate from a responsible official in respect of total expenditure incurred on the construction of the building up to the date of the Balance Sheet. The amount of expenditure, where possible, should also be compared with the estimated cost of construction which may have been prepared by an architect or received with the tenders, if any, invited for construction. If there is a material discrepancy in the amount of actual and estimated expenditure, causes thereof should be reviewed.

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