Benefits of using computers in cost and management accounting

  • Flexibility in maintaining account is possible
  • It leads to quick preparation of accounts and makes available the accounting statements and records on time
  • It ensures control over accounting work and records
  • Errors and mistakes would be at minimum in computerized accounting
  • Maintenance of uniform accounting statements and records is possible
  • Easy access and reference of accounting information is possible
  • It involves less clerical work and is very near and more accurate
  • It adapts to the current and future needs of the business
  • It generates real time comprehensive management information system (Mis) reports and ensures access to complete and critical information instantly
  • Relieve monotony: computerized accounting reduces the monotony of doing repetitive accounting jobs, which are tiresome and time consuming.
  • Improved efficiency: computers bring speed and accuracy in preparing the records and accounts and thus increases, the efficiency of employees.
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