Benefits of I.T

  1. Cost reduction and efficiency gains – these can be achieved by streamlining the supply process and freeing up supply staff to do more value-adding work.
  2. Data accessibility – quick and easy access to critical data in real time aids sound decision making, makes it easier to identify supply problems earlier and provides useful information for negotiations.
  3. Speedier communication – faster communication improves supply chain effectiveness and efficiency, especially with global suppliers. Faster turnaround may increase market share and lower inventories.
  4. Dedicate resources to strategic issues – more resources (staff and budgets) can be spent on strategic supply initiatives, and strategic and critical suppliers and projects because less time is spent on administrative ant tactical supply activities.
  5. Data accuracy – automation decreases errors, especially data entry errors. Benefits include lower inventories (safety stock) and stock outs, lower expediting costs, and improved customer satisfaction.
  6. Systems integration – integration across departments, suppliers and customers can provide accurate information on a timely basis to assist with production and materials planning and decision making.
  7. Monetary control – enterprise systems provide control over how and where money is spent.
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