Application of ICT in Everyday Life

Application of ICT in Everyday Life

ICTs have become a way of life in the present day world. We are using various ICTs in our day-to-day life for reading e-newspapers, e-magazines and e-books, online shopping, paying bills for food, using mobile apps, getting online appointments from doctors and so on.

Application of ICT in Education
a. Teaching, Learning and Assessment: ICT finds presence and expression in almost all the functions of the schools, such as admission, time table, classroom instruction, evaluation, laboratory management, learning resources management, examination and certification. It is also being used for office automation. E‑resources like websites, e-books, e-newsletters, Open Educational Resources (OERs), etc., are used by most of the schools.
b. Inclusive Education: ICT is used for catering to the educational needs of every section of the society, including children with special needs. Various assistive devices and technologies are being developed which play an important role in fulfilling the specific needs of these children. For example, talking books, talk back feature of mobile phones, GPS inbuilt walking sticks, etc., are making substantial changes in people’s lives.
3. Application of ICT in Art: Creative construction and connection are being done in various domains with the advent of ICT. Creative composition, compilation and communication can be done quickly by compatible ICTs. The role of ICT is vital in disseminating various art forms popular in one area to another. The appreciation of Art and Culture gained popularity through ICT. ICT has made it possible to showcase the creative works to the larger audience.

Application of ICT in Science and Technology
a. Health: The use of ICT in surgeries has made them less invasive, highly precise and automated. Due to this the recovery time has reduced many folds. Robotic technology has got a positive impact on present medical sciences. Now‑a‑days distance is not a constraint for any complicated medical intervention to be done jointly by doctors located at different places through networking.
b. Telecommunication: The field of Information Technology has seen a lot of advancement with the help of ICT. The satellite communication has advanced a lot and reached a number of people belonging to different setups. Low‑cost smartphones and very cost‑effective services have made the availability of these to almost everybody in the society. App based services available in different areas have made people’s life easy.
c. Agriculture and Natural Resources: Frequent and almost accurate weather updates have revolutionised the agriculture sector. Early prediction of rains or other weather conditions by Metrological Department has equipped the farmers in getting better yield. The sustainable use of natural resources has also become possible due to ICT integration; now it is possible to locate the oil wells, coal mines, etc., with the help of satellite technology.

Application of ICT in Business Transportation
ICT is used very effectively in the area of transportation. The GPS system is installed in vehicles, to provide security and easy navigation to the commuters. Airplanes and trains use RADAR systems for their control and path finding. Application-based services have revolutionised the experience of transport system by their users. Online reservations of flights, trains, buses and other services have further made our
lives easier.
a. Marketing: Online marketing through various websites and mobile applications is very popular in today’s world. People find them useful and hassle free. They are not only cost effective but also saves a lot of time and effort of the people. The online sales and services have generated a new type of employment, which require very less investment at the source.
b. Tourism: Various online hotel booking systems have provided a great experience to the users. With the advancement of ICT even checking the overall scenario of a place before planning a visit has become feasible. Also, online payment facilities have simplified the travel experience.
6. Application of ICT in Administration
a. Public Safety and Security: Deployment of ICT makes it possible for the police departments to collect, store and rapidly disseminate the information to enhance public safety. ICT can also be used for the identification of criminals by tracing their digital footprints.
b. e-Governance and Public Administration: e-Governance is generally understood as the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) at all the level of the Government in order to provide services to the citizens, interaction with business enterprises and communication and exchange of information between different agencies of the Government in a speedy, convenient efficient and transparent manner.

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