A Check List

This is a series of instructions and/or questions which a member of the auditing staff must follow and/or answer. When he completes instruction, he initials the space against the instruction. Answers to the check list instructions are usually Yes, No or Not Applicable. This is again an on the job requirement and instructions are framed having regard to the desirable elements of control. A few examples of check list instructions are given hereunder:

1. Are tenders called before placing orders?
2. Are the purchases made on the basis of a written order?
3. Is the purchase order form standardised?
4. Are purchase order forms pre-numbered?
5. Are the stock control accounts maintained by persons who have nothing to do with :

  •  custody of work;
  •  receipt of stock;
  •  inspection of stock; and
  •  purchase of stock?

The complete check list is studied by the Principal/Manager/Senior to ascertain existence of internal control and evaluate its implementation and efficiency.

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