23.3.1  Introduction

This module unit is intended to equip the trainee with the knowledge, skills and attitudes that will enable him/her effectively plan and manage the procurement functions in an organization.


23.3.2  General Objectives

By the end of the module unit, the trainee should be able to :

  • Explain the concept of operations management
  • Describe the role of materials management in product development process
  • Discuss the relationship between production planning and control
  • Recognise the role of materials management in production operations
  • Outline the need for the efficient maintenance of plant and equipment
  • Explain the importance of location and layout in operations management
  • Explain the need for new technologies in operations management for effective materials usage


23.3.3              Module Unit Summary and Time Allocation





Code Sub-Module Units Content Total (Hours
23.3.01 Introduction to operations management Concept of operations management

Transformation process in operations management

Product versus service operations

Role of materials management

23.3.02 Product Development and Design Need for product development

Sources of new product ideas

Stages in product development

Role of purchasing in product development and design

23.3.03 Production Planning and Control Meaning of production planning and control

Interface between material need, plant and equipment maintenance, production planning and control

23.3.04 Production Systems Types of production systems

Factors that influence the choice of production systems


23.3.05 Plant and Equipment Maintenance Need for plant and maintenance and repair

Reasons for equipment maintenance

Ways of plant and equipment maintenance and repair

Types of plant and equipment maintenance

Factors to be considered when planning for plant and equipment maintenance and repair

Costs involved in plant and equipment maintenance

Role of purchasing in plant and equipment maintenance and repair

23.3.06 Location and Layout in Operations Management Factors that determine the location of operating units

Location analysis tools

Types of factory/plant layout

23.3.07 Technologies in Operations Management Concept of Benchmarking

Flexible manufacturing systems

Computer Aided designs

Computer integrated manufacturing systems

Lean performance

23.3.08 Emerging Issues and Trends in Operatons Management Emerging issues and trends in operations management

Challenges oised by the emerging trends and issues in operations management

Coping mechanisms for challenges posed by the emerging trends and issues in operations management




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