Ms-PowerPoint QUESTIONS 2


Exercise 1.

  1. Create a new blank presentation.
  2. Using the ‘Title Only’ slide, type “The Power of a Great Idea”.
  3. Format the title as follows:

~ Enlarge the font size to 54.

~ Put a shadow effect on the title.

~ Format the text color to light green.

  1. Move the title to the center of the slide.
  2. Insert another slide using the ‘Text and Clipart’
  3. In the Title placeholder, type “Most Convenient”.
  4. In the Text placeholder, type: Reliable


Time Saving.

  1. Format the bullets into an asterisk (*) symbol.
  2. In the Picture placeholder, insert the picture that has the keywords “Technology, Office, Light, Bulbs”. Use the keywords Light bulb to search for the picture.
  3. Format the picture as follows:

~ Line color          -Automatic

~ Dashed line with round dots.

~ Style                  – 6pt.

  1. Apply the following Custom Animations:



Title – automatically after 1 sec

Text – automatically after 5 sec

Object – automatically after 2 sec


Title – Fly from Top Left

Introduce text by word

Text – Checkerboard Across

Introduce text all at once

Should not be grouped

Object – Spiral


  1. Resize the Text placeholder and center it.
  2. Insert a new blank slide.
  3. Create a Textbox and type in the following: “The Way Out to all Your Problems”.
  4. Format the text as follows:

~ Center align the text.

~ Put a shadow effect on the text.

~ Draw a rectangle over the text and order the objects appropriately.

  1. Find the word “all” and replace it with “Solve”.
  2. Use Word Art to type the following “Help Us Help You”.
  3. Format the Word Art text as follows: Comic Sans Ms, Font Size 48, Italics.
  4. Put appropriate effects and spell-check all your slides.
  5. Set the Slide Transition as Checkerboard Down, and the timing as Automatically After 2 seconds.
  6. Rehearse the timings.
  7. Set up the show to Loop Continuously until ‘Esc’.
  8. Format the Background of All your slides to ‘White Marble’.
  9. Run the Slide Show. Then save the presentation as “Getting There”.


Exercise 2.


  1. Open a new presentation and create the following Organization Chart.

Arrange it appropriately and add transition effects to it as desired.

  1. Add a mouse action button on the right side of the slide to enable you to move to the next slide.
  2. Insert a new slide, using the Title Slide layout and type the following title and subtitle:


The Components of a Computer

The Parts that enable a Person to Use the Computer


  1. Save the presentation as ‘PC Components’.
  2. Pack the presentation in your class folder.


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